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Get Yourself Enrolled in the Best Child Care Training Program

Five Star Training mke is providing professional child care basic training online courses. Five Star Training makes the information and abilities required to care for children and newborns both within and outside the home. This involves child care training program providers who teach leadership, child behavior and disciplinary instruction, professionalism, safety, and fundamental day-care like bottle feeding and how to hold a baby, etc.

Professional Safe Sitter Training 

Safe sitter courses teach young teenagers life and business skills, such as being prepared, responsible, and respectful when babysitting or performing odd tasks for family, friends, or neighbors. Safe sitter instructor training learners will be immersed in online settings where world-class animated characters respond to their decisions. Learning is aided throughout with supplemental activities and informational movies.

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  • Childcare Lunch and Learn
  • Five Star childcare pre-apprenticeship program
  • Business consultant
  • SNEAK-A-PEEK Group
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Health and Wellness at Work